Friday, July 25, 2008


I made a film at the National Film Board titled "Lucretia", back in the day when animation was cell painted. The Dr. Suess style poem was penned by journalist Peter Desbaras as a Christmas story of a she-devil desperate to find out what Christmas is all about. It feels like yesterday, when I would sit in my small room, lit by light from an animation disc and animate till it would blind me. I had a great crew of artists helping out with the rendering of the characters (thanks Errol).

As I update "Lou" in photoshop, it has stirred up some memories. I don't have many cels of the film, some were given away as Christmas cards to bureaucrats. When the boxes were plundered for images I got the complaint that it was really hard to find NICE pictures to turn into cards because my drawings don't read well as stills, but seem better to work when projected one after another on screeen. Isn't that what animation is?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Films with art

Immersed in writing a script, I take inspiration from Hitchcock's idea of using a painting to create a mystery around Madeline, and at the same time to help define her. For this image, I drew Kim Novak from a promotional photo for Vertigo, and the spiraled graphics were actually inspired by her hair. I am always wanting to work more with shapes rather than lines, but I resorted to lines to make sure she was recognizable.