Monday, March 10, 2008

Irja's sauna

So much for immersing myself into digital lessons. Nothing says 'yesterday' like a graphite rendering of a wood burning sauna drawn by the light of a oil lamp. Inspiration as a result of perspiration.


ChiliLady said...

incredible! good work!

ChiliLady said...

hey! Me again - you said we were different - I draw too - mostly caricatures for papers and my columns. sometimes also Storyboards!
:-) thanks for leaving me a comment!

milkyteets said...

hey! nice pencil sketch!

I really love what you did under this drawing too, really nice feeling to it. It has great personality... And I agree; definitely need more curves in buildings. :P

rick from ontario said... likey likey!

ebee said...

isn't there supposed to be a chicken spinning over those coals or something like that?